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What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics are devices designed to address foot and ankle alignment and reduce the stress and strain on your body caused by your specific foot imbalance. They can be worn as comfortably as insoles and are made from mouldings taken of your feet. After the initial consultation, and plaster casts have been taken directly from the patient’s feet, materials are moulded to modify and shape the cast to address specific problem areas.

Depending on the patient’s condition, and the support/stability required, the design of the orthotic can include metatarsal padding, heel postings, wedges, drops, lifts, and more.

Are custom orthotics covered by insurance?

Custom Orthotics are often covered, with little or no cost to you, by extended health benefits and a referral from your family physician. After the initial consultation, Roseland Wellness can provide a recommendation to your family doctor so they can give you a valid referral or RX that your insurance company will accept.

Coverage amounts can vary from partial to full reimbursement, so you may need to consult with your insurance company beforehand to confirm what your health insurance covers.

Can I wear my orthotics in different shoes?

Custom orthotics can be used with most shoes that have a removable insole. To learn more about orthotics, Contact Roseland Wellness today.

Roseland Wellness

Roseland Wellness provides customized orthotics that can treat the following ailments:

Not all conditions associated with foot pain can be treated with just the right custom orthotics. However, a consultation with Dr. Spano can diagnose your overall needs. 

After a foot assessment and biomechanical examination, we can recommend the best way to alleviate any pain and discomfort.

Custom orthotics can address specific issues regarding not just the feet but can also facilitate the correct biomechanical alignment of the foot and ankle, which directly affect the alignment of the knees, hips and lower back. 

Left untreated, chronic foot conditions can lead to mal-aligned bone structures, incorrect joint movement, and even cartilage breakdown.