Chiropractic therapy: Helping you get well soon!

Chiropractic therapy

Aches ‘n’ Pains in Burlington wants to help you become healthy and active. If you’re troubled by a chronic condition or had a recent injury, Aches n’ Pains is a great place to start. Featuring safe and effective chiropractic techniques, Dr. Michael White will assist with your recovery. Make an appointment to visit their friendly office at 3040 New Street, Burlington. You don’t have to suffer with discomfort, pain, or restricted mobility. Positive results are always possible. Why not get started soon?

Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches, arthritis, strains, neck, back and shoulder pain. Most of these pains result from mechanical disturbances of the spine – postural strains, joint derangements, spinal disc injuries, even pregnancy. Chiropractic is a particularly successful, natural approach to restoring good health.

Dr. Michael White is a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal. With the right adjustments, exercises and chiropractic care, your body can recover from injuries and stay in optimum condition. Dr. White treats many athletes of all ages who have experienced sports injuries. He also welcomes teens, adults and seniors who need a little TLC to get them back on track to wellness. You don’t have to give in to the effects of aging. A body in motion is a healthy one. Chiropractic care can ensure that your body stays active for many years to come so you can enjoy your hobbies and sports.

In addition to chiropractic care, Aches n’ Pains also offers acupuncture, custom orthotics, registered massage therapy, modern physiotherapies, cold lasers, and injury prevention consultations.

Sponsoring local sports teams is important to Dr. White. With over twenty years of experience in his practice, he’s proud to sponsor many community teams. Find out how you can benefit from chiropractic therapy by booking a consultation with Dr. White soon. Call 905-639-8283 or email today.


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